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The MAZE 30K/10K

by Joe Prusaitis, RD [race results] Walnut Creek Metro Park Austin, TX 4 May 2008 The Rogue / Vasque Trail Series in Austin, Texas is part of the Vasque North American Trail Tour of 2008. The race was even more of a hit because of our new sponsors, Vasque, Dude Girl, Hammer Gel and of course Rogue Equipment. For a race that is typically hot & humid, the runners were fortunate to draw a winning weekend with near perfect weather and conditions. After 4 years of running the same route, i had already decided to flip the course to run in the opposite direction this year. Also, I found a few more twists, turns, and hills which made the 10km loop a bit more technical than it had been. Still, the near perfect conditions and a fast field of runners all but cancelled out the more difficult route. Robert Michell led the 30km from the start in route to a new course record in 2:04:06. Pete Mehok 2:08:54 & Paul Terranova 2:11:13 finished in 2nd & 3rd out of 159 starters. The women’s race was won by Kelli Newlon in 2:25:02, followed by Dee Giles 2:26:38 & Andrea Fisher 2:28:44. The 10km started 30 minutes after the 30km on the same course with equal results. Gate Davis established a new 10km record in 37:55, and was followed by David Vance 41:12, & Louie Riesch 41:34, Jo Gregory won the women’s race in 47:30, followed by Jamie Patterson 48:43 & Lisa Pohlit 49:42. I made note of a rule that disallowed the use of headphones during the race for a variety of reason but mostly because the trails are narrow and with runners passing each other endlessly on multiple loops, every runner needs to hear those who was around you (especially those who wish to pass you but cannot get around you because you cant hear them). I also understand that everybody did not follow this rule. Being posted, it is my option to DQ any runner using a headphone. For this one time, I chose to simply let it go with a warning. So, I hope you understand… THIS is the WARNING. For the remaining two races, I plan to borrow a rule from Triathloning… ie: should you get caught with a headphone on, I will simply add TIME to your overall finish TIME. The 1st two times, I will add 2 mins each. The 3rd time, a DQ. There may be no warning at the race. We will simply write down your bib# when you are busted. This same penalty will be applied for littering, although I’d much rather have you run one more lap just to pick up all the trash on the course. No more warnings. Do not wear a headphone & do not litter at the Loop or the Saint. The volunteers were again in rare form, making certain the course remained marked correctly and providing aid to the runners. It was a record day and I expect more of the same at the Loop & the Saint. [race results]
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Rogue Series – The Maze
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