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Sunmart 50-Mile/White Rock Marathon Double

by Ryan Loehding (aka SunRock) Huntsville, TX/Dallas, TX December 9-10, 2006 This is not a “real” race report. Just some things I remember doing over the weekend… I shook Bill Rumbaugh’s hand before boarding the shuttle to HSP. I hugged Terrie Gorney of Fort Bend Fit. I saw Don Ruggles and found that he plans to be back at RR100 for another shot at a buckle in 2007. I asked Ken Ashby if he would run the Rock. I ran alongside Mark Godale. I watched the Russians run past me like I was standing still after they had gotten back on course. I stuffed my MP3 player in my drop bag after the first loop. I said “hello” to T.O., Thorbjorn, Scott, Bill, and a whole bunch of people who live in and around H-town. I saw Marshall King as he was about 23 miles into walking for 50 miles. I watched Robert King run me down with about 5 miles left and congratulated him for winning TMR. I drank a Shiner from a Styrofoam cup with old friends from Sugar Land Finish Line Sports. I ate a double cheeseburger while some people from Austin told me about this crazy guy who had run the 50k and was planning to run the Dallas Whiterock marathon. I met my wife and our three kids who would haul me back to the metroplex. I helped Hal Koerner get his rental car started with my jumper cables. I rode shotgun back to Carrollton. I took a hot shower and coughed up “chunks”. I drank 2 PBRs and ate a can of smoke oysters. I bummed a ride to the AAC with my neighbor. I saw Tom Crull in the parking garage. I cross another starting line. I saw Ken Ashby again. I chatted with Mark Dick briefly as we ran up a hill. I looked for Letha at mile 9 but saw her at mile 19 with beer in her hand and a smile on her face. I saw a co-worker who volunteered as a course-guide. I crossed another finish line. I watched Dave Reeder, another co-worker whom I had trained with at a HS track on Tuesdays, as he qualified for Boston with 48 seconds to spare. I found some beer in the AAC. I saw Dave Emerson earned his “TOP 100 FINISHER” hat even though he had done the 24 hour Ultracentric not so long ago. I found my neighbor, had a few more beers, and went home.
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