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Race Report – 3 Days of Syllamo

by Rick Carr (assuming the role of ultra runner) Blanchard Springs, Arkansas March 18, 19 and 20, 2005 No doubt some will be surprised to find that there is something at which I am slower than I am when I am plodding the trails; namely completing this race report. But heck, ultra running isn’t really about speed is it? I am led to believe that it is all about having fun, the camaraderie, and the beautiful places you get to run in; did I say having fun? Well 3 Days of Syllamo did not disappoint on any account, in fact race directors Steve Kirk and Roberta Orr pulled off an wonder inaugural event and the even threw in some challenging hills just to spice things up. No matter that I had been suffering with bursitis in my right hip since January and no matter that because of this I would have to cancel some other races I had planned including Old Pueblo; next year! When I saw the 3 Days race posted I immediately knew that I had to go; first of all because I have been dreaming of doing a stage race. Secondly I knew that the hills of Arkansas are beautiful and thirdly because I knew I could get my older brother Bob to join me for a little camping and a great opportunity to tip back a few beers together; more fun! So I packed and set out for the hills Thursday morning. view PDF with pictures
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3 Days of Syllamo
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