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Greenland 25K

by Lisa Butler Greenland, CO April 29, 2006 The forecast looked daunting. 70% chance of snow before 8:00 a.m. and rain thereafter. But the new shoes I ordered were in at CRC and registration was right there… how could I resist. Often those bad weather races turn out to be the best and at least 6 of the Colorado Springs Womens Running group were headed up. Besides, it’s a tradition for the weather to be iffy and the course muddy, isn’t it?! When I woke up, the sun was shining over the peak. As usual, the forecasters were a bit off. So I gathered up my gear, got dressed, and headed North. When I reached Greenland, a large cloud was sitting directly over the valley looking ominous. Other runners in line for the portolet had come down from Denver in sunny weather, as well. I guess the forecasters had Greenland in mind when they gave their predictions. As we lined up for the start, the temperature was nice for a run. The sun was reaching under the cloud cover that still stretched from the foothills to the I. We headed out with the wind to our backs. The crowd was thick and it seemed much like rush hour trying to pass people even though the trail was doubletrack. Everyone was spread out by the time we were halfway to the turn and many were slowed down further for the zig zag hill that signaled the turn back to the North. That was when the wind hit again. As we leaned into the wind on the stretch back toward the turnaround a new cloudbank was moving in. I had thought about dropping my windbreaker but decided that might be a bad move. Just about the time I turned around again to have the wind at my back, the snow started. It wasn’t a real snow, just the kind that spits at you a little bit and reminds you that it’s not fully spring. By the time I got to the turn again the wind was dying off a little. It gusted a few times just to remind us it was there. The snow came and went again. I felt pretty strong, though I know I was a little slow, and I finished feeling great and looking forward to Collegiate Peaks next weekend.
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