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Grasslands Marathon

by Bill Rumbaugh The Grasslands Run – LBJ National Grasslands The Trailgeeze – 3/20/10 I’ve run in the rain and I’ve run in the mud. I thought I knew what it was about. I was very wrong. The saturated soil conditions in North Texas and recent additional rain created another Mudlands Run, reminiscent of some of the events early in the life of the club’s annual Grasslands Run. The trail conditions today brought things to a whole other level. It rained the night before and was raining as I made the drive from Carrollton to the LBJ National Grasslands. So I took the detached perspective that, I had read accounts of the Mudlands from yesteryear, and now I was going to have the experience myself. All part of the fun of trail running. Another yarn to spin. I had signed up for the Marathon this time. Having run the 50 miler on two previous occasions, I knew I was not in good enough shape to take that on. Certainly not under the expected conditions. view PDF with pictures
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