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Grand Canyon Single Crossing Report

by Bill (The Trailgeeze) Rumbaugh The day promised perfect weather for a single Rim to Rim (R2R) crossing of the Grand Canyon. The predawn temperature was 47Ā° F and the stars were out, with little wind. My Sweet Wife dropped me off near the mule corral which is right next to the Bright Angel trailhead on the South Rim. An obligatory picture and I was off to do my thing and she and the couple we were vacationing with (her sister and her sister’s husband) departed to find a parking spot for their sunrise tour of the canyon. The plan was for them to view the sunrise, have a leisurely breakfast, check out of the hotel and then drive the 220 miles to the North Rim and pick up their runner, who hopefully would be there for them. view PDF with pictures
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Grand Canyon Crossing
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