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A Rocky Raccoon 2012 reflection.

by Matt Crownover  It has taken me a few days to gain some clarity and perspective about this year’s rocky raccoon 100, and I have been remiss in tarrying to thank the many who helped me—esp the DamNation crew that NTTR put together. Seeing you out there assures that the material aid we need will be rendered in a competent, fun way. But moreover, it gives each of us a huge boost because you have an authentic servant’s heart. You are not just giving us aid, you are aiding us from a true place of care and concern—and that blend of experience and joy is simply priceless. Many thanks are due to you all: esp to Lynn for heading up the effort. I believe that Jacob Evans is utterly correct when he suggests that working the aid station is harder than running the race! Also thanks to your kids, spouses, jobs, pets—all of those many souls who bless your going down to help a bunch of strangers meet a dream. Indeed we are the beneficiary of so many…. view PDF with pictures
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