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8-Hour ‘Run From the Ducks’

by Kay Scott Clark Gardens, near Mineral Wells September 25, 2010 The race is supposed to start at 7. I plan a 6AM ETA for packet pickup, but as usual, I’m late leaving, pulling out of the driveway in a steady downpour, and I still have to stop by Dunkin Donuts to pick up Munchkins. No problem, though, right? I’ll still have ½ an hour after I get there to pick up and get organized, more if I can maintain some speed (but darn, I have to get gas!) No pressure … But the rain just keeps getting worse, until I’m in the immediate area of the race, and visibility is so bad that I’m convinced I’ve missed the turn-off. I finally see a sign for Clark Gardens, and keep going, turning right onto an unlit street, and slowing down to 1 5 mph to try to make out any landmarks or signs. I’m crawling, but time isn’t, I’m going to be late! view PDF with pictures
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Run from the Ducks
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