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3 Days of Syllamo Race Report

by Marshall King March 18, 2009 Due to an extremely severe ice storm in February a lot of the trail system was damaged (the number of downed trees is just unbelievable) . The race director worked hard to provide chalenging and rugged terrain with much less trail available to him than in the past. He did a great job and the race was still awesome! Day One: 26 miles in 4:55. Got lost for about ten minutes. Rest of run was great! About 20 miles of single track, 6 miles of hilly, steep jeep roads. Day Two: 50 miles in 10:06. Last 10 miles were tough! At mile 5 we had to cross a COLD, waist-deep creek, twice. On the second trip I slipped and put my hands and arms plus my chest in the water, up to my shoulders. BRRR! Except for that I did not fall and I did not throw up! šŸ™‚ 38 minute PR for 50 miles. About 30 miles of single track, 20 miles of hilly, steep jeep roads. Day Three: 20k in 2:12. At miles 5 and 7 we crossed the same waist-deep creek. Managed to stay on my feet this time but the route I took got me in water up to my belly button! Lots of mud on the trails today, sloshing and splashing. Almost lost a shoe twice. Overall a great day to be on the trails and alive. 11.4 miles of single track, 1 mile of hilly jeep road/highway shoulder. Overall: 88.4 miles in 17:13 (unofficially).
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3 Days of Syllamo
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