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2008 Turkey And Taturs Report: This Spuds For You!

By Thomas “T.O.” Okazaki After volunteering at the Southlake Cross Country meet on a Saturday morning, I drove about 300 miles in the rain, late that afternoon, to do a very muddy and nasty trail run up in Tulsa, OK on Turkey Mountain called the Turkey n Taturs 50K, the very next morning. This was a last minute decision to go, due to the weather reports on Hurricane Ike. The lock on the driver’s side door was busted and wouldn’t close. So I took a bungee cord and looped it through the passenger and driver side windows and hooked her shut thru the seat belt latch. This meant I had no seat belt, but at least the door was secured. Just prayed I didn’t get into a wreck or it would be sayounara T.O.! view PDF
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Turkey and TATURs
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