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My First Hundred Miles

Ever since I dnf’d at Arkansas Traveler, at 2nd Powerline aid station after the turnaround, I have wondered if I would ever succeed at getting 100 miles under my feet. That race was early in my short yet late-in-the-day running career and I am not getting any younger or faster. I have entered UltraCentric three times now; twice in the 24 hour event and this year in the 48 hour event. In the first event I showed up with a groin pull and could only achieve 10 miles or so. The next year I suffered from blisters too badly to get past 56 miles. This year, even with a blister, that may have taken me out of this race were it not for the wisdom of more experienced runners; thanks Don Winkley, I was able to achieve my 100 mile goal and officially became a member of the crazies. Now that I have crossed that Rubicon I can begin to build a strategy to complete a 100 mile trail race in less than 36 hours. Pictures can be found at: http://picasaweb.google.com/rokirakun/UltraCentric2009?feat=email# view PDF with pictures
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